Building Policies

Listed below are some general policies. Please refer to your lease or contact Property Management with any specific questions.

Move In/Out Policies

Our management staff and building employees make many preparations for your move. To help facilitate the process, please make sure we have been informed of your move-in/out date and moving company information as soon as possible.

Move In/Out Procedures
Moving must be completed after 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or on Saturday and Sunday. Please refer to the attached moving checklist. If you choose to utilize the elevator, the elevator must be blanketed. Do not roll anything over the lobby floor without protecting it first and lobby doors must not be propped open. Also, do not dump any furniture or electrical equipment in the trash bins.

Please find the Moving Checklist on the Documents and Forms page.

Move In/Out Insurance Requirements
If you are using a moving company, they will need to provide a certificate of insurance prior to move-in.

Insurance Requirements

Tenant Insurance
Pursuant to your lease, Tenant is required to maintain certain insurance and provide evidence of that insurance to Landlord. Satisfactory evidence is a Certificate of Insurance AND an Additional Insured Endorsement to your policy that names the building and Worth & Associates Property Management, LLC, as the additional insured. Workers compensation is also required. Please refer to your lease for insurance requirements.

Vendor Insurance
In addition to Tenant Insurance requirements, any vendors completing work in the building, including moving companies, are required to also provide a current certificate of insurance naming the building and Worth & Associates Property Management, LLC as additional insured. For your convenience, the correct wording for the Certificate Holder and Additional Insured Endorsement is listed below. Please refer to your lease for insurance requirements.

1650 Independence:

New Braunfels Office, Ltd
Worth & Associates Property Management, LLC
7373 Broadway, Suite 201
San Antonio TX 78209

Tenant Insurance Requirements - NBO

Tenant Insurance Requirements - NBSC

Vendor Insurance Requirements - NBO

Vendor Insurance Requirements - NBSC

Contractor / Alterations Policies

Any changes to your suite must be approved by your Property Manager. The vendor completing the work must provide proof of adequate insurance coverage, including certificates establishing bonding, compliance with worker's compensation, and insurance for public liability and property damage in amounts equal to those required to be provided by you under your lease agreement. These certificates must name both the landlord and Manager as additional insured.


Janitorial service is provided by True Customer Solutions. Service is five nights per week, Monday - Friday.

Day Porter services are provided Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. as well as night service.

Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations shall apply to the Project and the appurtenances thereto:

  1. Sidewalks, doorways, vestibules, halls, stairways and other similar areas shall not be obstructed by Tenant or used by any Tenant for purposes other than ingress and egress to and from their respective leased premises and for going from one to another part of the Building. Tenant shall not enter nor permit its employees, agents, guests or invitees to enter into areas of the Building designated for the exclusive use of Landlord or other tenants of the Building.
  2. Plumbing, fixtures and appliances shall be used only for the purposes for which designed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags, coffee grounds or other unsuitable material shall be thrown or deposited there. Damage resulting to any such fixtures or appliances from misuse by Tenant, shall be paid by Tenant.
  3. No signs, advertisements or notices shall be painted or affixed on or to any windows or doors or other part of the Building without the prior written consent of Landlord. The Building standard window treatments are mini-blinds (the “Blinds”). No curtains, other window treatments, papers, or any other objects shall be placed between the glass and the Blinds. The Blinds may be turned open or closed; but shall stay in the fully down position and shall not be raised. No objects or furniture shall deform or compress the Blinds.
  4. Except for portions of the Premises specifically designated by Tenant and consented to in writing by Landlord in advance to be used for an employee kitchen or lounge area, Tenant shall not cook, sell, purchase or permit the preparation, sale or purchase of food on the Premises.
  5. No deliveries of any nature nor freight, furniture or bulky matter of any description will be received into the Building or carried into the elevators except in such a manner, during such hours and using only the elevator and those passageways as may be approved by Landlord, and then only upon having been scheduled in advance. Any hand trucks, carryalls or similar appliances used for the delivery or receipt of merchandise, supplies or equipment shall be equipped with rubber tires, side guards and such other safeguards as Landlord shall require.
  6. Landlord reserves the right to prescribe and to approve the weight, size and location of safes, book shelves and other heavy equipment, fixtures and articles in and about the Premises and the Building. Tenant shall not overload any floors.
  7. Corridor doors, when not in use, shall be kept closed. Nothing shall be swept or thrown into the corridors, halls, elevator shafts or stairways. No animals (except for guide dogs for sight impaired persons) of any kind shall be brought or kept in or about the Premises, Building or Land.
  8. Tenant shall not make or permit any improper, objectionable or unpleasant noises or odors in the Building or otherwise interfere in any way with other tenants or persons having business with them. Portable electric or gas heaters are not permitted and shall not be used or operated in the Premises. No machinery of any kind (other than normal office equipment) shall be operated in the Premises without Landlord's prior written consent. No candles, incense or open flames are permitted in the Premises.
  9. Tenant shall not use, suffer or permit the manufacture, sale or distribution by gift or otherwise of any spirituous, fermented or intoxicating liquors or any drugs. Tenant shall not bring or store firearms of any kind into the Building. Tenant shall not use the Building or Premises for the manufacture, distribution or sale of any merchandise or other materials. No portion of the Building or Premises shall at any time be used or occupied as sleeping or lodging quarters.
  10. The Building shall be a no-smoking building, with no smoking allowed in the Common Area, Premises or in any exterior entry area of the Building. Smoking will be permitted in an outside area to be designated by Landlord.
  11. Electric Car Charging Stations in an area of the Project car parking lot if provided by Landlord, will be subject to Landlord’s rules and regulations regarding use and may be restricted or terminated by Landlord.
  12. Wireless Internet Service in some areas of the Common Area if provided by Landlord, will be subject to Landlord’s rules and regulations regarding use and may be restricted or terminated by Landlord.

For questions or concerns please contact Property Management.

Smoke Free Building

The Buildings shall be no-smoking buildings, with no smoking allowed in the Common Area, Premises or in any exterior entry area of the Building. Smoking will be permitted in an outside area to be designated by Landlord.

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